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Southwest is offering another great payment feature, EZ-PAY, for a pay as you go experience. This service does not require a normal security deposit, notifies when account balance falls below a threshold, streamlined reconnect process, and easy account management with SmartHub.

Terms of Agreement for EZ-PAY Service
Application for EZ-PAY Service

Southwest Mississippi Electric Power Association is proud to announce the introduction of some new features to our phone and billing systems. As introduced in February, Southwest now offers a form of Budget Billing. Our version is called the Variable Budget Billing. Members will pay an average amount each month rather than a set amount with out a catch up month. Just ask our Customer Service Representatives for information concerning budget billing.

Secondly Southwest has an option to pay by check or debit/credit Visa/MasterCard by phone at no charge to the customer. Simply listen to the prompts when accessing the automated system, to inquire your account, select payment options or to report an outage. Beginning April 1, 2010 credit/debit card payment will only be accepted by the automated systems with a limit of $1,000, amounts over $1,000 require check payments, and businesses are required to pay by check only. As always you will have an option to speak to a Customer Service Representative. You will need your account number ready when paying by the automated system. When reporting an outage you may use either your account number or your home phone number. Southwest does still offer the options of Bank Draft as well as recurring credit card payments at no cost to the customers through SmartHub. We also still have our collections agents located throughout our service territory.

Payment Locations
Port Gibson – River Hills Bank and State Bank
Natchez – The Payment Center located in the Natchez Mall
Woodville – Whitakers Insurance Agency
Brookhaven – Franklin Check Service and First Bank

Budget billing, check by phone and debit/credit Visa/MasterCard are some of the most requested services by our members. These are just a few of the ways Southwest is working for and listening to our member/customers to meet their needs. For more information on any of our services, please give us a call at 1-800-287-8564 or visit our web site at Southwestepa.com.

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