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Beginning February 1, 2010 Southwest Mississippi Electric Power Association will offer budget billing to all residential member/customers who qualify. This will provide a way for the member/customer to pay a balanced amount per month rather than paying high and low amounts in different seasons of the year. The plan is called The Variable Monthly Payment Plan, in which the bill calculation automatically recalculates the budget amount each billing period. There is no catch-up month. The variable is charged monthly based on the previous 11 months history plus the current usage.

Qualifications to participate are:
No disconnect for non-payment for the past 12 months.
No returned checks for the past 12 months.
No more than one collection for non-payment of electrical bill for the past 12 months.
Must be a customer for at least 12 months.

At anytime a customer is disconnected for non-payment and is under this plan, the total balance must be paid before reconnect. If the account is disconnected for non-payment or becomes delinquent to the point that it is collected on twice during a 12 month period, it will be removed from budget billing and the 12 month waiting period begins again. Please call 800-287-8564 to enroll or for more information about our new Budget Billing option.

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